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We Are Working to Improve Cardiovascular Health

Amarin’s Innovation in Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Management

Working together to advance pathways in cardiovascular risk management

Cardiovascular disease management requires commitment and innovation. Despite optimal management of risk factors such as low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), many patients remain at risk of cardiovascular events.1 To reduce the burden of CVD, emerging therapeutic modalities should be explored to address drivers of residual risk.1

To provide effective cardiovascular prevention, it is crucial to share information on the evolving CVD landscape and discuss central questions in CVD management.

How can we fight cardiovascular disease today?

Can we go one step further in cardiovascular management?

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Facing the challenges of CVD today

Read more about the impact and the burden of CVD, therapeutic options and persistent risk beyond LDL-C lowering.2 

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Amarin in the UK

Cardiovascular disease is a persistent and growing health burden. Our ambition in the UK is to be part of the solution in addressing this important health issue.

Cardiovascular disease is a serious, persistent, and growing health burden in each of the devolved regions of the UK. We believe that now is the time for a systemic change in how the disease is treated. Our intention is to be part of the solution in tackling this increasing health issue. We are committed to making a life-changing impact on patients’ lives by providing alternative pathways for cardiovascular care in the UK.

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Your future is our future so if you are looking for a new opportunity, join Amarin. Together we can achieve great things and improve patients’ lives.

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We’ve got some exciting plans in the UK. Explore our latest news and stay up to date with the innovative work we’re doing.

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